Alien 51

Anthony J Hilder provides overwhelming evidence, that America's Illuminati oversees the Alien Agenda at Area 51. This once Top-Secret base hidden in the heart of the Nevada 3 million acre Nellis Test Range is home to a host of Hitlerian Horrors spawned by the same Nazi scientists who built our missile program. Not far from the labyrinth of underground tunnels and Frankenstein Factories where medical experiments have been performed on human beings is Yucca Flats where the First Atomic Bomb was tested. It wasn't long after the test that the Cashist Cartel that controls America's politics unleashed the nuclear nightmare on Japan- after they had offered conditional surrender. Their goal was to frighten the world into demanding a Global Government. Alien 51 validates that the anti-gravitational flying disks seen around the Groom and Papoose Lake facilities are meant to appear as extraterrestrial. Are they has an alliance been struck with Alien beings? On this explosive tape, David Adair, an eminent aerospace scientist, tells of examining an alien propulsion system at Area 51. Dr. Roger Leir describes how he surgically removed Alien implants from 9 abductees. Jordan Maxwell, Paul Tice and Norio Haykawa bear witness to the existence of alien crafts. You won't see this on the nightly network news. This is a must see for all who seek the truth. ©2001 Anthony J Hilder and Harvester Tapes
Alien 51
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