Panic Project

This vital film features exclusive interviews with John Lear (world-class aviator), Norio Hayakawa (world renowned UFO researcher), Bill Uhouse (Groom Lake engineer), Professor Len Seymour, Michael Brown (filmmaker), Jordan Maxwell (world renowned historian), and a multitude of Panic Project eye-witnesses. When Orsen Welles aired HG Wells' "panic play", War Of The Worlds, over network radio in 1939 depicting an invasion of Earth from outer space -- the public panicked. Some people committed suicide. In the minds of those mesmerized by "The Show" -- the world had come to an end. It was only an illusion then. But now, in the late 90s, as we rush toward Millennium 2000, we are confronted with new evidence that anti-gravitational flying discs have been developed over the past half-century in black projects. Further still, evidence suggests that "aliens" have been genetically engineered at secret government "Frankenstein factories." Does the American Illuminati have any reason to panic the public by "creating" a cataclysmic invasion from outer space? The Cashists understand that the masses would have to be terrorized through the "staging" of an "event" for them to voluntarily give up their nations, their independence and their freedom to a Global Government that would offer to "protect" the planet from the space invaders (see Kissinger quote on front). For centuries they have created crisis after crisis to bring about control, as reflected in their motto, "Ordo ab Chao." Introduction by Sean David Morton regarding Operation Bluebeam.
Panic Project
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