New World Odor

New World Odor As we rush towards Millennium 2000 the fanatical forces of financial fascism are fast at work in their attempt to bring about a global government -- through the United Nations. The Cashist Cartel that controls America's commerce and currency intends to kill, control or incarcerate all opposition to their oligarchy of evil by the turn of the century. Their goal is a New World Order. Our goal is a free world. Knowing that those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it -- the Eastern Evilarchy has dedicated itself to keeping our people deaf, dumd and ignorant to the imperative life and death issues of the day. It is both obvious and in evidence that more Federally engineered atrocities like the Oklahoma bombing are on the way -- they've scheduled a massive stock market crash to cripple us financially -- and a series of white/black racial confrontations to justify FEMA and UN intervention -- all of which is intended to psychologically "set-up" martial law and foreign intervention. The stench of death and treason fills the air. The Honorable George V. Hansen, 7-term Congressman from Idaho, has teamed up with radio and tv talk show host, Anthony J. Hilder, to give the viewers a "whiff" of what's behind America's massive betrayal... and it stinks to hign heaven. As a Congressman, Hansen gave America taxpayers their "Bill of Rights". It was Hansen who led the fight in Congress to save the American canal in Panama. It was George Hansen who had the guts and gumption to go to Iran to free the Americans held hostage. Hansen has been one of the fiercest fighters for freedom in American history. For his perseverence in protecting the people's rights, he has been persecuted and prosecuted by the Evilarchy's agencies resulting in four years of torture and imprisonment. In The New World Odor Hansen and Hilder document the "devastation by design" which has befallen America over the past half century. Their "foresight" as to what the future holds is based upon their very accurate historical hindsight -- as to the way things really were -- not as we were led to believe. Hansen and Hilder play hardball. They're both heavy hitters and have hit a home run with bases loaded with The New World Odor. It's a stinking good video that needs immediate and massive exposure. Anthony J. Hilder 2008
New World Odor
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