The Illuminati has a political agenda and it is global in scope. Their plan is to depopulate the planet by 90% and establish a New World Order upon the ashes of the billions of people they will murder. Were the Fukashima quake and 911 attack "inside jobs" orchestrated by Apparatchiks of the IllumiNazi for world domination? The atomic bomb was created at the Bohemian Grove and dropped on the Japanese people after they had offered to surrender in order to scare all free, sovereign and independent peoples to surrender to the New World Order.

     The Evilarchy that engineers "genocide and global atrocities" meet once a year in July at the Bohemian Grove, north of San Francisco in California. They conduct satanic rituals sacrificing children to their "Owl of Molech" in the forest. How many bodies are buried in the 2,700 acres of Redwoods near the Russian River? Only the Bohemian Grove monsters know.

     Today, the UN's Agenda 21 is ramping up their campaign to confiscate all private property, establish an electronic grid system, force the installation of smart murder meters to dumb down and numb down the unwashed masses, and activate the 800 plus FEMA concentration camps around America. The CIA is dumping millions of tons of toxic soup (Chemtrails) upon the unsuspecting sheeple of the world poisoning and killing us, the bees, trees, crops, birds, animals, insects, fish and everything on Earth. This mass murder of mankind and all creatures must be STOPPED!

     Discover the hidden links between the Bohemian Club, Bilderbergers, CFR, TC, secret societies, the New World Order, the murder of President Kennedy, 911, the Franklin cover-up and other conspiracies.

     This block-buster film features interviews with former FBI bureau chief of Los Angeles, leading Patriot talk show host Alex Jones and many other Patriots.

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Bilderberg West Bohemian Grove

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