OK Atrocity

OK Atrocity There is no way you can watch Jane Graham's testimony here and draw the conclusion that Federal agents weren't involved in blowing up the Fed's building in Oklahoma City and covering their crime.   Did Clinton's terrorist team mass-murder 168 innocents to pass the anti-Bill Of Rights bill -- which gave massive powers to the President and police? The body count around this "crime of the century" is still rising as key witnesses, like Terry Yeakey, are "eliminated" before they can identify the state-sponsored terrorists. Is Timothy McVeigh a Manchurian candidate "programmed" to kill on command and then quietly accept his fate?   Has a "control" transponder been implanted in his body as he's claimed?   What about the dozens of news broadcasts that initially reported the discovery of several un-exploded bombs in the building? Hear Jane Graham, Head of the HUD Employees Union, saying she encountered three suspicious-looking men in the parking structure the Friday before the explosion, who had plans to the building, and what looked like plastic explosives?  Hear Jane tell of the "TWO BOMBS" that went off.   See the yellow Ryder truck hidden in the government compound at Fort Gruber in eastern Oklahoma before the explosion. If the criminals who are responsible for this atrocity are not brought to trial, we are convinced that provocateurs of the Eastern Evilarchy will soon strike again.
OK Atrocity
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