Reichstag '95

The comparison between Nazi Germany in the mid 30s under Adolf Hitler and America in the mid 90s under Bill Clinton is frightening. Hitler gained control over Germany after his agents set the Reichstag (German congress) on fire. Hitler was successful in blaming his opposition as the culprits. Clinton is attempting to accomplish the same thing with the Oklahoma bombing. Hitler and Clinton both sought police state power. Hitler got it. But will Clinton get it? All conservatives, Christian, Black Muslims, legitimate liberals and patriots are being targeted as potential terrorists. In short, all opposition to Clinton and the Cashist Cartel is under the gun of the Money Mafia's 'managed media'. Ted Gunderson, former Special Agent in Charge of the FBI in Los Angeles, Dallas and Memphis, discloses his insight into who's really behind the Oklahoma bombing. His conclusions, based on 27 years with the bureau, will shock you! Could the explosions have been set by "agents" of the International Cashist Cartel that seeks to abolish the American Constitution and establish a New World Order? Is Timothy McVeigh another Lee Harvey Oswald? Was he programmed under the CIA's Project Monarch "mind control program" to infiltrate patriotic organizations in order to label them as terrorists? Bill Cooper, Constitution Party Chairman and author of Behold A Pale Horse, adds strong commentary supporting the two bomb scenario. Cooper's special insight and military expertise is included, along with comments and questions from skeptical Americans who think the Cashist Cartel concocted fertilizer bomb story is liberally laced with lies... and has a special political agenda.
Reichstag '95
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