Lucifer 2000

Anthony J. Hilder and Jordan Maxwell's first film, is an "overview" of the American Illuminati's plan to bring this planet under the dictates of gargantuan Global Government by the turn of the century. Anthony J. Hilder, who produced the first recorded history of the Illuminati in 1967 (narrated by Myron C. Fagan), joins the eminent occult researcher, Jordan Maxwell, in this exposé of the Evilarchy that now runs Corporate America. Maxwell, who is featured with Hilder on Ancient Mysteries of the World (CBS), strips away the "Masonic Mask" that hides the Satanic Symbols that cryptically cover America capital -- from the Washington Monument to the fasci that border the American flag in the House of Representatives. Together thay pinpoint the political pimps and prostitutes along the Potomac who have raped, robbed and ravaged this republic since its inception. Lucifer 2000 gives the viewer an "IMMEDIATE UNDERSTANDING" of the Illuminati's "Orwellian objectives" in this 1-hour implosive exposé. It presents the "BIG POLITICAL PICTURE" in America today. This vital video hits with punch, power and pizzazz, and has been described as "a tremendous tool in the war to topple America's faustian financial fraternity." Hilder and Maxwell reveal the ancient religious order behind the International Banking Cartel that guides "their group" toward a NEW WORLD ORDER. Together they expose the fact that America essentially operates under a One Party System. The proof of which was evidenced in the passage of the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) when "sellouts" from both the Democratic and Republican parties joined President Clinton and his BILLIONAIRE BACKERS to "foreclose" on the fortunes of American families, farms and factories. This oligarchy of evil remains in positions of control regardless of which political party is "reputed" to be in power. Hilder and Maxwell document that "key operatives" from the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the privately owned Federal Reserve and the Skull and Bones (Faustian Fraternity) do, in fact, direct "the show" that mesmerizes millions by way of the nightly "Novacaine News". Their "political play" is then "reviewed and sanitized" for the American public through "their" well-orchestrated "Managed Media"... to control the mindset of America.
Lucifer 2000
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