Air auschwitz

It is no longer safe to breathe, eat or drink the water. WE THE PEOPLE are being poisoned by a Criminal Cabal whose goal is to own the World and everyone on it. They know that most people are arrogant, ignorant and apathetic. WE THE PEOPLE have become puppets and pawns.  We will be sacrificed in due time. This Evilarchy makes nothing but Death, Debt and Disease.

They create our currency and control our commerce through the privately owned Federal Reserve, the IMF and the World Bank. They are ideologically evil, they have no conscience, and they have no remorse. They are Illuminist Luciferians.  These Manthusian-Minded Monsters are cold-blooded killers. They seek a Global Government through the United Nations and the establishment of a New World Order. They are “out-Hitlering” Hitler and out-murdering Mao.

HAARP has replaced the Hydrogen Bomb. It is their newest Weapon of Mass Destruction – and it is silent. They can develop tornados, directionalize hurricanes, trigger Earthquakes and tsunamis at will. Their Frankenstein-like scientists are far more monstrous than Joseph Mengele. They dumped tons of toxic chemicals on WE THE PEOPLE
to cause Alzheimers, Autism, Fibromayalga, Morgellons and the variety of Cancers. The “DEATH DUMPS” that they flush from their Toxic Toilets overhead kill fish, birds, mammals, insects and plants. The end-goal for the Illuminati is to reduce the population of Earth to 500 million before the end of the century.  They consider WE THE PEOPLE to be “USELESS EATERS” and EXPENDABLE!

For freedom, life, and liberty to live – this Evilarchy must die.  The survival of Earth and WE THE PEOPLE leaves no other Option.

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Air Auschwitz

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